Social Media Management

We do not have thousands of confusing options or plans, we will adapt your social media networks to your company, brand or activity needs.

Our ¨DeliSocial Media¨ service will turn your Social Networks into an exquisite experience and that your clients will not be able to stop visiting, commenting and sharing


All social networks are different, they are used in different ways and particular languages should be spoken on them, they also target different types of audiences and are geared towards different media such as text, images or videos. For all this, it is possible that not all of them are suitable for your company, brand or activity. That is why we offer you advice, opening accounts and profiles, creating content, managing and updating the social networks that you really need.

Our team has excellent communication professionals who will make the most of the networks to grow your company, maintain effective communication with your customers and establish a very powerful advertising channel. We have trained personnel in the areas of communication, design, creativity, customer service and content generation in both Spanish and English. 


We will take care of giving life to your Social Networks

The Dimmmarketing work team is responsible for content development, image and video design, publication schedule, account monitoring, promotion, analytics reports and we are also bilingual!

DeliSocial Media starts at $75 monthly
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We adapt our social media management plan to your needs or requirements, starting from only $50 per month, we take care of creating or optimizing your accounts and making regular publications to bring your networks to life and ensure that your company has a presence of quality in them.

Content Packages
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 We offer varied packages always looking for the greatest effectiveness. They start with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, however – if you require it – we expand the publications to Linkedin, YouTube and even a blog with the most recent information about your business or company.

Promoted Publications
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In Dimmmarketing we have highly trained personnel in the creation, programming and implementation of advertising campaigns through social networks, where we make specific strategies to achieve your objectives, based on the budget and on an appropriate segmentation of the public, so Let the ads reach the people that really interest you.

Key Facts

We leave you some very interesting numbers or statistics that you should keep in mind if your just thinking in your social media or internet presence

Number of users

1,8 Toushand millions

More than a thousand millions


450 millions

320 millions

325 millions

110 millions

Facebook accounts represent about 62% of social media logins made by consumers to access brand applications and websites

77% of Twitter users have a positive feeling about a brand when it responds to a tweet

YouTube video views on mobile phones per day

On an average day, 80 million photos are shared on instagram

More than 3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts in 2016

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